Business is Training

In his career, Slava has founded a marketing company with many cases of successful execution of targeted direct marketing campaigns and strategies using multiple marketing channels. With a huge focus on product knowledge and advertising, Mr. Apel led a company with 40 employees, training them on latest technologies, order-management and communication skills that were necessary for successful face to face transactions.





International Business Development Consulting

Fractional Chief
Marketing Officer

Topics and Areas of Expertise

  • State of Print Industry
  • Research and Development
  • Web to Print
  • Online Portals
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Cloud
  • Start-Ups
  • International Start-Ups

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Technical Documentation
Slava Apel on the cover of Graphic Arts Magazine | July/August 2013


Benny Landa with Slava Apel
Peter Kent with Slava Apel
Slava Apel with Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Doug Ford
Rheal Gingras, Regional Manager at Domtar, Dr. Joe Webb with Slava Spel
Member of Parlament Michael Levitt with Slava Apel
Slava Apel with Mayor Hazel McCallion
Mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie with Slava Apel
Slava Apel with Dave Fellman, Co-Author of Print Sales and Marketing book
Slava Apel with Corinne Prince, Director General of the Foreign Credentials Referral Office
Deputy Minister Alexander Bezzina, Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and Allison Pond, President & CEO, ACCES Employment with Slava Apel
Slava Apel at Toronto City Hall Marketing Training Event
Happy Clients
Slava Apel working with Federal Economic Development Agency Canada
Dr. Joe Webb, Slava Apel and Scott Prince promoting their new book Cloud Production
Slava Apel, Dr. Joe Webb and Scott Prince promoting their new book Cloud Production
Slava Apel interviewed for What They Think about his new book Cloud Production
Slava Apel and Dr. Joe Webb signing their new book Cloud Production
Slava Apel and Dr. Joe Webb signing their new book Cloud Production

“Slava is fluent in the technologies of modern e-marketing, but also skilled at their implementation, especially in companies that may find the concepts new or difficult. He offers practical explanations of complex ideas that aid in understanding how they relate to his client’s business. He often has contrarian approaches that create opportunities for competitive differentiation for his clients.”

Dr. Joseph Webb, Author, Consultant and Entrepreneur

“Slava is a dedicated professional who brings a wealth of knowledge to any table he sits at. His ability to see technology trends ahead of their time is uncanny. I would recommend Slava as a great person to know and work with.”

Shawn Saraga, Senior Vice President for Canada at SRS Canada

“Slava is THE word in Internet Technologies. He is professional, timely, and is absolutely the most knowledgeable person that I know when it comes to IT. I have enjoyed his quick wit and persistent dedication to tasks at hand, and will be forever grateful for high-end connections he has introduced me to. Thank you, Slava.”

Douglas Ellingson, Owner/CEO of Lighthouse Consulting Ventures

“Slava is an industry expert for web-to-print and digital print. Highly knowledgeable, innovative, and full of energy. Its always a pleasure to brianstorm new ideas with Slava or hear him present on W2P. His deep passion and creativity results in success for his customers and him. I am sure Slava will continue to strive for new heights.”

Manish Kapoor, CEO at ADVATIX

“Slava excels in successfully pitching Amazing Print’s Web to Print solutions out to market. Slava is a diehard salesman who keeps his customers happy while still taking the time to inform and educate the print industry on the latest Web-to-Print trends. He is a pleasure to work with.”

John Smith, Project Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

“As my partner for over 10 years, I saw Amazing Print Corp. grow in leaps and bounds. Not only was Slava on top of the latest trends, he was able to leverage new technologies for various ventures before they would become mainstream. While others were just getting it, Slava was already embracing the next trend. Slava knows how to get things done. His mind is like a sponge and works non-stop. Slava is always 10 steps ahead of the competition. I would highly recommend contacting Slava for all matters relating to Print Technology, SEO and Social Media.”

Allan Barkin, COO, Marketing Directory at GreenCity Mechanical

“Slava has the unique ability to utilize cutting edge technology with creativity. His passion and knowledge has him 10 steps ahead of other people in the industry. To optimize your opportunity for success, working with Slava will put you at the pinnacle of your industry.”

Michael Dobson, Partner, Franklin Douglass, LLC

“We worked with Slava’s web-to-print technology for many years. The service and professionalism that we received was outstanding enabling us to focus on driving print sales online while they focused on software, order fulfillment automation and logistics / supply-chain. Other web-to-print solutions popped up over the years, but Slava’s solution was always more competitive and way ahead of the pack… I recommend speaking to Slava Apel directly if you want to find out how to do 6 figure+ monthly sales in online printing without having to deal with the logistics.”

Josh Barkin, Product Designer / Entrepreneur

“Slava is an in-depth expert in the design and application of marketing systems using internet technology. His broad understanding and extensive experience in solving thousands of customer problems make him a valuable partner.”

Fred Cochrane, Start Up Co Founder and Adviser